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Hattiers Rum


November 2020, Hattiers Rum joined over 4,000 companies across 77 countries, to become the United Kingdom's first B Corp Rum.

We are immensely proud to achieve B Corp Status and to be part of the global community 


In early November 2020, Hattiers Rum officially became B Corp certified. On this day we join over 4,000 companies, in 153 industries, across 77 countries were independently verified by the B Lab as ‘using business as a force for good’. This means adhering to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and accountability, or in other words, balancing profit and purpose.

Hattiers Rum is now the first British B Corp Rum, and only the second in the world. We join a cohort of over 600 UK B Corps who are reinventing business, by pursuing purpose as well as profit.

To receive certification, we had to provide evidence of socially and environmentally responsible practices – including energy supplies, waste and water use, worker compensation, diversity and corporate transparency. Finally, to complete the certification, we have legally embedded our commitment to purpose beyond profit into our company articles.

As a result, we are now proud to be officially part of a community including well-known brands like Finesterre, Innocent, Patagonia, Riverford, Abel & Cole, Divine, and JoJo Maman Bebe. 


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Since our beginning in 2017, Hattiers Rum has existed as benchmark of where we believe rum should be. Our purpose has always been bigger than making and selling fine blended rums.

The commitments we have made to our community, country and planet that have shaped the way we do business. Our refusal to outsource our warehousing and bottling sees us employ within our county, rather than farming production out.

We made the decision to be plastic free from day one, first because we think it's the right thing and secondly to share with our peers that it is achievable to all. Thankfully it is becoming easier to achieve each year. We partnered with Flexi-Hex to provide a simple and sustainable packaging that ensures our bottles get to you safely. 

These actions may sound simple, but they are not the norm, nor are they an exhaustive list of our proudest achievements. Regardless of what we have conquered to date, we will continue to push our priorities forward across our sustainability pillars; in Community, Environment, People, Packaging & Waste, and Energy.


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“The intent of 1% for the Planet is to help fund these diverse environmental organizations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems.”


Becoming certified B Corp is a massive achievement for us. We are delighted to be among other businesses that contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Our role now is to share the successes of our fellow pioneers and continue to encourage other businesses, across all sectors and regions, to consider going for it too.

It was a rigorous and detailed process which showed us how we can do more to live up to the B Corp commitment. By shining a light on how we work, it confirmed what we already knew – we’re far from perfect!

But by committing to the B Corp ideal, and embedding it legally into our company articles, we are setting out our stall to always try to be better. It’s a badge we wear with pride and an ethos we are committed to upholding.

We consider this the first step...



Next step is to commit to Net Zero Carbon. We shall achieve this by 2030, and in the meantime take every step to reduce our carbon impact annually through the constant scruitinisation of our supply chain and processes.

Philip Everett-Lyons, Founder Hattiers Rum

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