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Hattiers Blended Aged Rums

Our mission is to create exceptional sipping rums sourced from the finest distilleries around the globe and to blend real rums. We have our sights set on becoming know as the finest Aged Rum Blender in the UK.


First Release - Premium Reserve

On the paradise island of Barbados, in the heart of the Caribbean, the renowned Rum Distilleries seemed the natural place to source our base rum and the most prominent flavour in our craft blends.


Every bottle of Hattiers Premium Reserve begins with a classic premium pot and column, 8-year aged Barbados rum - distilled in the traditional way with sugar cane with copper double-retort pot and twin-column coffey stills.


We then blend our base with three other outstanding column still distilled rums, hand selected from the Dominican Republic, Panama and Guatemala, before mixing with water, and nothing else.


Caribbean roots

& pure Devon soul

To ensure our premium sipping rum meets our own incredibly high standards, we take our water incredibly seriously. Much time was spent looking for the purest water supply we could find and little did we realise it was right under our noses.


Filtered by layer upon layer of ancient granite, we use only the softest Dartmoor water, bottled at the source here in South Devon. Low in minerals, this beautiful, naturally filtered water balances the alcoholic strength of our base rum to a more palatable level.


This combination of four exceptional aged rums with soft Dartmoor water creates an unadulterated premium rum that is accessible to everyone.

Hattiers Blended Aged Rums

What to expect

First timers can expect a whiff of caramel, soft fruits and a smooth aroma, followed by a rounded, sophisticated initial flavour and a short woody heat. The finish is long and creamy, very creamy, as the signature Hattiers flavour settles on the palate.

We've worked tirelessly to create a premium rum that can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether it's simply served with ice and enjoyed as sipping rum or used in one of our recommended cocktails, we're sure you'll enjoy every sip as much as we do.

The Hattiers Story

It all started in South Devon, among the rolling hills and green valleys that greet the English Channel with sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. This is where Philip and his family started their own rum distillery with the modest aspirations of creating exceptional blended sipping rum to be enjoyed by anyone old enough to drink it.

Established in 2017 and the brainchild of Philip Everett-Lyons, H. B. Evelyo Distillery came to life after Philip and his wife had moved back home to the beautiful South Hams in Devon. Following a decade spent in the worlds of film and television, media publishing and on the boards of several of the South West’s most influential companies and organisations, Philip and the family had a strong desire to create something of their own in the county that they love.


Fuelled by a passion for life at sea, the boom in premium spirits and the West Country’s sea faring legacy, rum was the only choice. But not just any old rum. Good rum. Really good rum.

Keeping his core family values of honour, integrity, loyalty and trust tucked firmly in his breast pocket, Philip embarked on eighteen months of research, development and tasting, followed by more research, more development, more tasting (followed by much more of the same) until eventually, the first release of Hattiers Premium Reserve Rum was ready. 

Named after Philip’s eldest daughter and launched in the early summer of 2018, Hattiers’ premium sipping rum has hit all the right notes, winning multiple awards and creating a stir wherever they take it. Work on the Devon rum development is continual with a handful of new craft rums in the pipeline, 2020 is shaping up to be another exciting year.

In truth, it’s been nothing short of a whirlwind. Hattiers rum can now be enjoyed in pubs, bars and restaurants throughout Southern England, while collaborations with some of the finest local artisans continue to showcase, not just Hattiers Rum, but the very best of what the West Country has to offer.


Find out more about our Premium Reserve Rum.

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