Hattiers Rum Cocktails

A selection of our preferred rum cocktail recipes

Hattiers is the perfect addition to a whole host of delicious rum based cocktails, from classic Daiquiris to good old fashioned Corn 'n' Oil. With it's super smooth, caramel and soft fruit notes, our premium rums adds some authentic Caribbean flavour to any dinner party or event.

To give you all the inspiration you need to go forth and get creative, we've compiled a list of our favourite rum cocktails including some new recipes that are exclusive to Hattiers. So have a browse, find a favourite and start your rum journey today...


The original rum cocktail

An easy to make rum and lime cocktail that has stood the test of time.


A signature Hattiers cocktail

An exquisite new cocktail from award-winning rum expert, Georgi Radev.

Corn 'n' Oil

A celebration of Caribbean flavours

A simple cocktail with Barbadian origins that's perfect for a warm day.

Hattiers Devon Storm Rum Cocktai

Devon Storm

Rum and Ginger Beer

The perfect storm is brewing with this premium spin on an old classic.

Hattiers Swizzle Cocktal


Fresh, fruity and refreshing

Perfect afternoon refreshment and great for making an impression.

Hot Rum Punch Recipe

Hot Hattiers

Winter warming rum punch

Spice up your winter with this warming cider and rum punch.


Hattiers 'Star of the Sea'

An elegant stirring cocktail for bon-vivants and discerning rum drinkers alike

Hattiers Rum,

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