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Rickmer Rickmers

Created for Hattiers 

by Maxim Schulte,

11th Head Barman at the Savoy American Bar, now running KOL Mezcaleria 


Maxim became the 11th Head Bartender at The Savoys American Bar, a position that is one of the most coveted in the industry, having been held by the likes of Ada "Coley" Coleman in 1903 and Harry Craddock in the 1920s, to recent veterans Joe Gilmore, Victor Gower and Peter Dorelli.

Maxim's dedication to serving perfectly balanced cocktails, letting the base spirit do the talking, makes a him the perfect fit to develop a range of Hattiers Rum signature cocktails. 

Rickmer Rickmers is one of our favourites 

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rickmer rickmers cocktail.jpg

Rikmer Rickmers

What you'll need...

  1. 50ml Hattiers Egremont Rum

  2. 15ml Savoy Dry Vermouth

  3. 15ml Raspberry and Basil cordial

  4. 5ml Helbing Kummel

  5. 3 drops Orange bitters

  6. Black Orange Blossom Oil for fragrance

What to do...

  1. Fill a cocktail stirring glass with ice.

  2. Add all ingredients

  3. Stir until chilled (30s min)

  4. Strain and Pour into a Coupe Glass

  5. Top with Black Orange Blossom Oil 

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