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Hattiers Corn 'n' Oil

An easy to make traditional rum cocktail


A simple rum cocktail with a big taste, our Hattiers twist on the classic Corn 'n' Oil combines the smooth, jovial flavours of our Premium Reserve Rum with the sweetness of falernum and the bitter herby flavours of Angostura Bitters.

The full history of the Corn 'n' Oil cocktail have been lost in time, but the name was undoubtedly a nod to the combination of dark and golden colours that would be found in the original combination of black strap rum, falernum and bitters. 

Over the years, as tastes have evolved and the quality of premium rums have improved, most experts agree that the sweet, heavy flavours of black strap rum over-power the other ingredients in the cocktail. 

Using a premium rum like Hattiers Premium Reserve ensures the perfect balance of flavours, allowing the combination of falernum, bitters and lime juice to have their say in this delicious concoction.

One thing we love about this simple cocktail is that for once, our premium rum plays the support role to the hidden star of the Corn 'n' Oil, falernum.


A rum mixer packed with flavours and spices, falernum orginated in Barbados and brings an exotic quality to a range of classic tiki cocktails. 


Combining sugar cane, lime, almond and cloves, while it's possible to make your own we prefer to leave it to the experts and always choose award-winning John D Taylors Velvet Falernum Liquer

A tropical tiki mix

Falernum - The perfect rum mixer

Hattiers Corn 'n' Oil Recipe

What you'll need...

What to do...

  1. Combine the Hattiers rum, falernum and angostura bitters in a classic rocks glass with ice.

  2. Stir to mix the flavours and squeeze in one of the lime wedges.

  3. Garnish with the other wedge of lime and serve.

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