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Hattiers partners with Honest Mobile

Hattiers have partnered with fellow B Corp™ Honest Mobile to give their customers an exclusive offer on all fine aged rum.

Who are Honest Mobile?

The crumbling high street banks have been swept aside by Monzo and Revolut. The big six energy companies have been shown the light by Octopus - a B Corp Certified energy provider. Yet mobile networks are still stuck in their old ways (and overcharge customers by a whopping £182m a year while they’re at it).

Honest Mobile are here to change all that. Founders Andy and Josh are fixing the broken mobile phone industry one sim at a time with a fresh and transparent approach.

Honest will let you know if you're not using as much data as you thought you might and suggest a cheaper plan. They'll let you know the positive environmental impact that you're having by switching to their network. They reward loyalty with price reductions each month rather than incremental increases and you can change your plan at any time. What's more, they plan to launch a new Smart Sim this summer which will harness the coverage of all four major networks via the app - so you can say goodbye to signal blackspots forever.

But what has a mobile network got to do with rum?

We rarely think about the infrastructure powering our small devices and it can be easy to underestimate their impact.

The technology industry is responsible for around 3.7% of greenhouse gases – that’s around the same amount as global aviation and by 2040 the communication industry will make up 14% of the global environmental footprint (Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018).

As a B Corp, we’re always looking for ways to become more sustainable and find other likeminded businesses such as Honest to share ideas and take action with - so just in case being the UK's first carbon negative mobile network that donates 1% of revenue for the planet while reducing your monthly cost isn't

enough reason to make the switch, we've have partnered with Honest to offer their customers 20% off all of our rums.

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