Hattiers Partners with Bruichladdich and The Botanist Gin

Updated: Mar 30

March is B Corp month, and what better way to celebrate than with a partnership of three of the UK's most sustainable spirits brands for an incredible giveaway.

As the UK's first B Corp certified Rum, we wanted to shout about our friends Bruichladdich and The Botanist, the first B Corp Certified Scotch whisky distillery, about the incredible work that they're doing to create a more circular process from farm to bottle which works with nature, not against it.

One very lucky winner will receive:

Hattiers Egremont Premium Reserve Rum

The Botanist Plant Conservation Edition Gin -AND-

Limited Release Biodynamic Project Whisky from Bruichladdich.

Simply head over to the competition page below to enter this incredible competition, but be quick, entries close at midnight on Thursday 31st March 2022.

For those who haven't already heard about sustainable pioneers Bruichladdich and The Botanist, keep reading...

About Bruichladdich & The Biodynamic Project

Self-described as progressive, Hebridean distillers, Bruichladdich are proudly nonconformist and socially and environmentally conscious; often choosing a path which is more challenging, or difficult to implement, or less profitable, because they believe it is the ‘right thing to do’. This focus and determination to do the right thing resulted in Bruichladdich becoming one of the only distilleries in the world to achieve B Corp certification in 2020. Following on from The Ternary Project, Bruichladdich released The Biodynamic Project. This release was distilled in 2011 from a 2010 harvest of biodynamic barley. It was then matured for 10 years in first fill ex bourbon casks and bottled at 50% ABV. This is a world-first biodynamic scotch whisky release, limited to 5,000 bottles and only available from the Bruichladdich distillery directly (and our competition). This is a revolutionary whisky that demonstrates the power of connection; from farmer to glass.

If you're curious about what exactly biodynamic farming is, here’s a short explanation:

“A biodynamic farming system is about creating a farming system that nurtures all organisms within it. Barley is rotated with other cereals and a diverse ley which includes 23 species of herbs, legumes and grasses. All rooting at different depths, these plants thrive in diversity, working in the opposite to a monoculture. The soil is fed with organic matter & micro-organisms to increase its structure and fertility, contributing to a symbiotic food system both above and below ground. A recent carbon audit on the farm used for this release saw that 10 x more carbon was sequestered (drawn down) than was emitted.”

Read more about the world's first Biodynamic certified single malt whisky and its positive environmental impact HERE.

About The Botanist Gin & The Pla