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Hattiers Rum scrapped ALL plans for gift boxing

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

You may have wondered why you've not seen Hattiers Rum bottles in beautiful gift boxes this Christmas. The answer is that a wide range of packaging for our bottles have been designed and we were about to order a large run of cardboard, when at the last minute, with a finger hovering over the order send button, something did not feel right.

Hattiers Rum scrapped cardboard gift boxes

As a B Corp, we are constantly questioning decisions we make as a business. Our wonderful designers created beautiful boxes that anyone would be happy to receive as a gift this Christmas, however the question of waste was not answered.

Each box was deigned to be made from FSC accredited, recycled card, and fully recyclable, however what was not taking into account was the wasted energy, water consumption and other materials that were going into a tertiary packaging. We may have well made the wrong decision in terms of sales against our peers, that perhaps a boxed bottle will sell more than an unboxed bottle. We are happy to live with this, as it is the best option for reducing the impact of our business.

If you agree or disagree to our decision not to produce excess cardboard packaging, do let us know

The rum we sell from does come in recyclable protective packaging called Flexi-Hex, which we think looks as good as a gift box, which also saves the planet!

Our next challenge is how to transition out of glass. Glass is the perfect product to safely store our rums right now, however the weight of glass, its energy intensive production and energy to recycle are all of concern. Each bottle weighs c. 620g, whereas new packaging technology could see this reduce to one third of this net weight. We are actively working on this problem and embracing new technologies to solve it. Watch this space.

Hattiers Rum is available at Waitrose across the country, Fortnum & Masons, Harvey Nichols and all good vintners and stores.

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