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On the water - Dartmouth Regatta

Anyone who knows us well will know that at Hattiers we are always looking for the next opportunity to get out on the water. That’s why we get incredibly excited each year when the Dartmouth Royal Regatta takes place in one of the most beautiful and picturesque locations in the UK, a place that we are lucky to call home.

With some healthy (but fiercely fought) competitive sailing and rowing taking place throughout this week, hats off to all the competing boats but in particular our friends at Bandit Yacht Racing who secured third in class at their first regatta sailing their new #JPK1010.

Our founder Philip was racing onboard a week before the regatta (and went overboard for a little paddle). A testament to the speed of Bandit and their crew, we still won!

What a great 2021 Dartmouth Regatta and here’s to 2022!

Looking for a tot to sip while the sun goes down over the horizon this #bankholiday?

The formidable @mcgurkdeclan created a little something for us all to enjoy using Resolute, our navy strength rum...

The Yachting Tot

What you'll need…

50ml Hattiers Resolute Rum.

10ml Sweet Vermouth.

30ml Lemon.

20ml Rosemary infused honey water.

A splash of soda.

What to do…

Build Hattiers Resolute Rum, plus each component in an old fashioned glass.


Garnish with a twist of orange.


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