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Hattiers are driving collaborative change in the world of drinks. Find out how below...

The Sustainable Drinks Cabinet Cohort of 2024

‘On Purpose’, the UK's first B Corp bar, Brought To You By The Sustainable Drinks Cabinet and hosted by X+Why at Marble Arch opened on 1st March and will close on Thursday 28th March 2024. Throughout March, 'On Purpose' has served as an events and community hub for UK B Corps, press and trade, as well as the general public via ticketed events throughout March - B Corp Month. It has been a huge success, with the bar accommodating several B Corp events throughout the month.

The Sustainable Drinks Cabinet, established in 2023 by Hattiers Rum, now consists of fifteen leading UK B Corp Certified drinks brands including; Hattiers Rum, Lucky Saint, Toast Brewing, Sapling Spirits, The Uncommon, Avallen, SXOLLIE, MOTH, FUNKIN COCKTAILS, Boatyard Distillery, Tribeology, Nc’nean, Warners Distillery, Vita Coco and Cono Sur (Concha Y Toro), with many other B Corp drinks brands itching to join future group activities.

The 'On Purpose' B Corp Bar

Last week, we were proud to gather all fifteen sustainable drinks brands of the 'On Purpose' B Corp Bar as a collective to share stories, insights and learnings as part of #BCorpMonth. It was a truly stand-out event for press, drinks writers, trade and guests at the 'On Purpose' Bar. It was inspiring to learn, connect and feel the buzz around the room.

Philip Everett-Lyons, Founder & CEO of Hattiers Rum said: “I am proud to bring together B Corps from across the drinks industry, as we witness not only a convergence of brands but a convergence of purpose, turning competition into collaboration.
Our ‘On Purpose’ bar is a collective of sustainability and a catalyst for change. The power of collective action in shaping a future where responsible drinks brands are not just embraced, but expected.
As a collective of B Corp drinks brands, we have the power to drive consumer and trade awareness around sustainability within drinks and following such fantastic feedback from the event I can say with certainty that there will be more to come from The Sustainable Drinks Cabinet as we work together again in the near future, watch this space!"

The Sustainable Drinks Cabinet Cohort of 2024

Olivia Spence, Assistant Brand Manager at Vita Coco says:
“Being a B Corp is integral to our brand and ethos at Vita Coco and being a part of the On Purpose pop-up bar this B Corp Month felt like a natural fit. We understand that progress is fundamental to our own journey and look forward to engaging with like-minded customers during the month.”

Above: Guests made personal sustainability pledges.

Following some delicious welcome drinks and cocktails Tom Ebbutt, Director of Impact at B Corp UK kicked off proceedings by sharing the progress of the movement thus far, from 564 B Corps at the end of 2022 to over 1,700 last reported in January. There are now 55,000 people in the UK working for a B Corp, with a collective revenue of around £17 billion. B Corps are represented across 58 industries, with service agencies and food & drink companies among the most prominent industries.

Next, each brand shared their journey to B Corp and their efforts to use business as a force for good, going far beyond what is expected of drinks brands for the greater good of people, purpose and planet.

We celebrate the dedication and commitment that our fellow B Corp brands are doing for people and planet. Some highlights include:

SUPPORTING NATURE & CONSERVATION at Hattiers Rum and Avallen. Hattiers donate 1% of all revenue through 1% For The Planet and are partnered with climate platform and fellow B Corp Ecologi to back transparent planting projects and support local conservation projects, while Avallen supports the Bumblebee Conservation Trust through sales of their planet positive (and delicious!) Calvados.

NET ZERO WHISKY distillery at Nc'nean Distillery - the very first in the UK.

MENTAL HEALTH first aid training at Lucky Saint | B Corp™ - for the team and hundreds of hospitality professionals.

CIRCULARITY at The Boatyard Distillery - leftover botanicals are reused to make chocolate and grains used as cattle feed.

EDUCATION at Vita Coco - Supporting the construction of 35 schools globally and, in Sri Lanka, introducing 200 women to the farming industry.

NON-PROFIT BEER - as well as turning leftover bread into liquid gold, Toast Brewing donate 100% of profits, yes 100%.

NATIVE TREES - Sampling Spirits has planted 193,000 trees across the UK and abroad, saved 150k bottles through its refill programme, and launched a carbon-neutral delivery scheme.

We would strongly advise that you read more about each and every Sustainable Drinks Cabinet brand HERE and the incredible initiatives that they support.

Following the brand stories, guests sampled spirits, wine, beer and cocktails, as well as sustainably sourced vegetarian and vegan canapes and nibbles while informally speaking with all eight host brands.

The B Corp Month Campaign Manifesto 2024:

Which way are we heading?

On to better, bolder, brighter things.

As businesses who care for people, profit, and the planet in equal parts, We provide meaningful services and develop purposeful products.

Leading the way to a better future, And bringing others along for the journey.

Ever-moving, ever-changing, ever-better.

We'll never stop looking for new ways to grow our impact.

For us, there's one direction and one direction only.

And that's - forward.

Here’s to B Corp Month and to committing to using business as a force for good. Stay tuned for more B Corp Month news!

A HUGE thanks again to all of the brands involved who believed in us and jumped on board for the ride - Hattiers Rum, Toast Brewing, Lucky Saint, The Uncommon, Sapling Spirits, SXOLLIE, Avallen, Boatyard Distillery, MOTH:, FUNKIN COCKTAILS, Tribeology, Nc'nean, Warner's Distillery, Vita Coco and Cono Sur.

Another big thank you goes to our venue host and fellow B Corp X+Why, for allowing us to takeover their stunning clubhouse The Orchard for the month.

We can't wait to share what we have planned for the next one!

All photographs in this post are by Photographer London.

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