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A Day in Good Spirits - Hattiers Rum head to Spirit Yachts

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Recently Hattiers Rum & Spirit Yachts hosted a group of competition winners and VIPs at an exclusive tour and rum tasting at the Spirit Yacht Yard in Ipswich.

Photograph credit Matthew North

World renowned yacht designer Sean McMillan founded Spirit Yachts in 1993 following a decade of experience designing and building classic yachts. A legendary sailor on the classic racing circuit, Sean is at the forefront of modern classic design. A true master of his craft, Sean is passionate about creating beautiful modern classic yachts to suit every lifestyle. Today, Sean keeps a close eye on the builds in the yard and draws new and updated concepts from his design office.

Photograph credit Matthew North

The design of every Spirit yacht begins with a discussion with the owner about how the yacht will be used, where she will go, who will be onboard. Once the criteria are established, Spirit’s design studio produces a series of hand drawings and renderings to visualise the yacht.

Whilst every Spirit is customised to suit her owner, certain core characteristics remain. Spirit’s designs all stay true to the long overhangs, low freeboards and flush decks now synonymous with Spirit’s unmistakable style. Spirit’s talented team of designers and naval architects work closely with each owner to create a truly unique yacht.

Photograph credit Matthew North

The second part of the day included a Rum Masterclass with our Founder and Blender Philip Everett-Lyons, where our guests had the chance to fully understand what goes into rum blending from sourcing component rums, balancing the perfect liquid to how to drink it.

Many congratulations to the competition winners, and a huge thank you to our partners Spirit Yachts for hosting such a wonderful once in a lifetime day.

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