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BrewDog becomes a B Corp!

The team at BrewDog are certainly no strangers to challenging the status quo, so it is no surprise that they announce their B Corp status!

As the world’s leading craft beer business, BrewDog have been dialling up their eco credentials over the past months, culminating in their B Corp Certification.

Established in Scotland in 2007. From day one they've seen the potential of beer as a force for good. BrewDog is a fiercely independent business and ferociously protective of their home planet. United with a global community of over 200,000 Equity Punks to create a new kind of business.

BrewDog is proud to be the world’s first carbon negative brewery. They believe carbon is their problem, so they remove all of their emissions at The BrewDog Forest, near their home in the Scottish Highlands. Here at Hattiers Rum, we are keeping a very close eye on this, as snap, we are planting too, although we are not able to count the carbon captured, that belongs to the UK government!

The workers are the heart of the business and so they give 10% of their profits every year to their staff. BrewDogs view is it’s time to drink and think responsibly. And time starts now.

Hats off to James Watt and Martin Dickie for their business ethics and continued challenge of the Drinks Industry.

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