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Hattiers Rum / 'Seeds of Hope' by George the Poet

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

In early 2021, Ecologi commissioned George the Poet, the multi award winning spoken word poet to convey a genuine and engaging narrative on our climate.

It was around this time, that Hattiers began working with Ecologi to help fund projects to preserve and invest in climate positive projects. It is a focus for us here at Hattiers toreduce our direct impact on the planet, protect what we have in this world, then plant trees to replace and regenerate. (In that order).

We are at the start of our journey with Ecologi, and to date we 81.9 tons of certified CO2 reduced and in addition have planted over 2,100 trees. We are in the process of completing our B Corp Impact Report to be published in early 2022, where we will elaborate and share insights on the projects we have directly supported.

George the Poet, real name George Mpanga, is a Peabody award-winning, British spoken-word artist, poet, rapper, and podcast host with an interest in social and political issues. He’s a firm favourite of both the Ecologi and Hattiers Rum teams. Putting aside his ability to produce and deliver incredible spoken word pieces, and the huge body of work that he can put his name to, he is a true champion of sustainability.

The team at Ecologi understand the importance of conveying a genuine, engaging narrative. They knew George would be able to create something amazing, which oozed purpose and which reflected the passion of our Ecologi team. Having a lead who truly cares about the planet was vital. They wanted to inspire viewers to take action, and couldn’t think of anyone better to get this across than George The Poet. Here at Hattiers, we could not agree more.

Seeds of Hope

"In a hundred years, all they’re gonna know about us is the world that we left behind. With Climate Change we can’t press rewind but we can Find solutions that stand the test of time. How do I rectify the effect of my Fuel consumption on those next in line? How about planting a tree? That’s Something I can get behind. What if I could be part of a movement? A Movement to make a lasting improvement To our daily lives, our larger condition. A Movement to reduce our carbon emissions. What if? What if the answer could be as Simple as planting a tree? Through a Team...with a dream...and the means to plant it for me. In a hundred years, all they’re gonna know about us is the world that we left behind. So let’s decide to invest the time, and Sow seeds of hope for those next in line."

George the Poet

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