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Independent Crowns Eminence 'Best White Sipping Rum 2022'

Hattiers Eminence Blended Aged White Rum has been revered on the international stage since its release in 2020, winning national and international awards such as Gold from IWSC, 'Best Rum' at the Great British Food Awards and many more. Now Independent have crowned Eminence the 'Best White Sipping Rum' in their round up of their best rums for 2022. We're absolutely thrilled that our most complex rum has gained such recognition.

Some of the rums in the IndyBest list are grain-to-glass spirits from distilleries fanatical about terroir and sourcing; others are complex blends, created from unique rums sourced from across the world such as ours, praising the skills of an experienced blender.

Here's what they had to say:

"This bottling shows off what great blending skills can do. The British-made spirit contains eight different rums from four different countries – Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica and, unusually, Australia – as well as super fresh Dartmoor water from South Devon. Some rums have been aged (some for as long as eight years) while others have never seen time in a barrel. The result is a white spirit that has rich body and the smooth vanilla, cream and fudge notes that come with aging – yet still plenty of fresh fruity, grassy zip. It’s basically a halfway point between a classic white and a golden rum, and we’re super into it. Delicious sipped solo over ice." - Alicia Miller

You can read the full article here.


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