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Partnership Spotlight: Red Paddle Co

Pictured Above: Ashley Swain of Hattiers Rum & John Hibbard, Founder & CEO of Red Paddle Co.

At Hattiers we have a passion for sustainability, longevity, craftsmanship and the ability to get on the water at any given opportunity, which is why we are incredibly excited to shine a light on our partnership with Red Paddle Co, pioneers of the stand-up paddle board (SUP), with the aim to inspire a new sense of everyday adventure.

Established in 2008, Red Paddle Co was co-founded by John Hibbard, a professional windsurfer who wanted to challenge the accepted practice of rigid paddle boards, designing and introducing a more practical, inflatable option that changed the market forever. John saw first-hand, how windsurfing had gone through its various guises to become a competitive extreme sport and felt that it had forgotten those who simply wanted to have fun. For him, that’s what paddle boarding offered – a relaxing and sociable way to enjoy the outdoors, not to mention the benefits to both physical and mental health.

Founder and CEO of Red Paddle Co, John Hibbard, says: “We're delighted to be working with a fellow South Devon brand that shares a similar love of coastal adventures. We're all about balance in life and after an epic paddle-boarding trip, what could be better than ending the day with a tot of rum! It's also great to be collaborating with a B Corp certified company as we reach the final stages of our application and certification.”

Watch the Red Paddle Co Story HERE.

Sustainable Packaging and production

There’s literally nothing quite like a Red Paddle Co board. Nobody sweats over the small stuff as much as they do. They don’t simply make cookie-cutter boards and slap a logo on it. In fact, they’re the only paddle boarding company that operates from its own private facility, building boards with performance and endurance in mind so that no matter what the paddler's age or ability is, they can rely on a board that will last a lifetime and take them wherever they want to go, safely.

Red Paddle Co’s in-house team of designers are constantly evolving how they approach production and design to reduce waste, adhesives and dyes.

One of their first projects was to remove glue from the packaging and utilise mechanical fastenings. As a second iteration, they wanted to try and make the packaging completely compostable by looking into grown packaging, soy-based inks and corn starch PE replacements. This year Red Paddle Co are aiming to replace the plastic packaging of all their paddles and leashes for sustainable alternatives. While they are not quite there yet, the changes that they have made, have pushed them ever closer to their goal of 100% compostable packaging.

Red Paddle Co’s board production facility is now 100% waste free, their paper and card packaging are 100% recyclable and they have also educated their suppliers about circular economy and are making a genuine difference with the products brought to the market.

Read Red's Positive Impact Report for 2021/2022 here.

Exclusive Co-Branded Hattiers x Red Paddle Co Kit

We are excited to launch a range of exclusive Hattiers x Red Paddle Co co-branded kit that will ensure that you're ready to get outdoors in any weather (and perhaps enjoy a tot of rum on the move!), including a Long Sleeve Pro Change Robe Evo, Waterproof Soft Cooler Bag (18L & 30L), Waterproof Cool Bag Backpack (15L), Waterproof Backpack (30L) and Waterproof Kit Bag (40L & 60L). This exclusive new range is available now, follow the link below for more information.


Our journey as brand partners began when the Hattiers and Red Paddle teams joined forces at the end of November during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Rather than being a contributing factor of mass consumerism and a dash for sales, we came together for a day of making a difference in the outdoors.

It was a hard day's work volunteering with local environmental projects Till the Coast is Clear, sorting plastic waste gathered from our South Devon Beaches, followed by The Deer Wood Trust helping to clear access to the further reaches of their woodland project and a well-earned team lunch in a bid to say no to over consumerism and do something positive instead.

Philip Everett-Lyons, founder and CEO of Hattiers Rum, comments: “There is an incredible synergy between Hattiers and Red Paddle Co with both companies sharing a similar ethos and values. We’re really excited about this partnership which is the start of a long-term working relationship between the two brands.”


WIN! Head over to our Instagram & Facebook pages now to find out how you could win a Hattiers X Red Paddle Co 30L cool bag, plus a trio of Hattiers Rum.


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