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Partnership Spotlight: Spirit Yachts

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

At Hattiers we have a passion for sustainability and an affinity for life at sea, which is why we are incredibly excited to shine a light on our partnership with Spirit Yachts, world leaders in modern classic yacht design and build.

Established in 1993, Spirit Yachts was founded by Sean McMillan and Mick Newman, who set out to offer yacht owners a beautiful, sustainable alternative to fibreglass production boats. At the forefront of sustainable sailing, Spirit Yachts produce expertly handcrafted, stunningly beautiful boats that have environmental solutions at their heart and green credentials considered at every step of the way, from every carefully sourced plank of air dried douglas fir to hybrid and fully electric motors.

From humble beginnings in the Suffolk countryside, Spirit Yachts now operates from a large waterside facility with a team of highly skilled designers, naval architects, boat builders, cabinet makers, electricians and engineers.

Watch the Spirit Yachts Story HERE.

Interestingly, the name Spirit Yachts didn’t come from anything ethereal but is a nod to their favourite spirit, with their logo depicting a distiller’s flask. Our shared ethos, love for the ocean and fine rum makes for a harmonious and perfectly balanced partnership - one that we wholeheartedly celebrate.

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