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WINNER Great British Food Awards - Hattiers Rum

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Hattiers Eminence has won best rum at this year’s Great British Food Awards with Egremont and Resolute also being chosen as finalists, placing Hattiers firmly at the top of British Rums.

The Great British Food Awards is made up of an esteemed panel of celebrity chefs, Michelin-starred restaurateurs, popular food critics, influencers, buyers and food writers, all known for their love and knowledge of British food and produce.

The Rum category was judged by Miranda Hayman, co-owner of Merser Gin and Hayman's Rum, London's only rum blending house. She is also a passionate advocate of women within the drinks industry.

Miranda Hayman began her career in the wine trade, where for eight years she worked across marketing, sales and operations. It was while she was living in Hong Kong that she made the change from wine to spirits and where she was responsible for launching Hayman’s Gin in Asia Pacific.

Judge's Feedback: "Lovely fresh bright tropical notes from the Jamaican rum on the nose, hints of vegetal and light sugarcane flavours. It was smooth and balanced on the palate with a long finish. There were hints of sweetness and buttery notes, as well as natural sweet tropical fruit coming through. This was my winner as it felt very versatile due to its smoothness and balance and depth of flavours. I think it would work very well in a cocktail such as a daiquiri, or other rum cocktails."

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